100 DAYS TO THE 2023 ECU GLOBAL REUNION - The Church and the Mandate of Nations

The Church and the Mandate of Nations 

Dear Brethren, 

100 Days Countdown Begins! It is exactly 100 Days to the 2023 ECU Global Reunion with the theme – The Church and the Mandate of Nations (Friday, Oct. 20th – Sunday, Oct. 22nd, 2023). 

I can strongly perceive the Joy and the Anticipation welling up. It is going to be glorious and a landmark moment for us all. 

So what do we need to do as we countdown and prepare for the Reunion: 

1. Give and Donate to support the Finishing and Furnishing of The ECU Empowerment Center Building Project
This year’s Reunion will be held right inside our own building that is nearing completion. We still need about 90 million naira to Finish and Furnish the whole edifice. You must not be missing in the picture, as part of the company of those who arose to build the House of the Lord this season. Whether you are giving in Millions or Thousands or Hundreds, let each one of us Purpose in his/her heart to give as to the Lord, who will diligently reward ALL. 

The God of heaven Himself will prosper us as we His servants will arise and build – amen. 

Find the account details below for your use: 
Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (ECU Alumni Projects) 
Naira Account - 0019590535 
USD Account - 0019590559 
GBP Account - 0019590573 
Euros Account - 0019590597 

2. Register to Attend
This year’s Reunion will be a Hybrid Reunion – the first of its kind! Halleluyah! This means it will be held physically at The ECU Empowerment Center on campus and it will also be streamed virtually on all our digital media platforms. But we must ALL REGISTER to attend so we can plan adequately for both the physical presence and online traffic. 

There will be a dedicated Children/Teenage Camp Meeting for all our children/wards by our ever-vibrant Children Evangelism, School Visit & Volunteer Corp. So, no excuse for not coming with the whole family – and do make sure to REGISTER them ALL. 

Also, do not forget we are making special provision for transportation to-fro all the major towns/cities, and accommodation. All of these provisions have been fully captured in any of the REGISTRATION LINKS below. 

3. Prepare, Anticipate & Pray 
Nothing beats the power of expectation for the person who has been yearning and panting. Without our expectation, there cannot be any manifestation of what we ask. We therefore call on ALL Members of this great Household to take time in the place of prayer to build the water level for this Reunion – Prov. 10:24, Rom. 8:19, Luke 17:37 

We declare there will be a fresh and mighty outpouring of His Spirit, Grace and Glory as we gather for this Reunion in Jesus mighty name – amen. 

We will love to hear from you - your contributions, input and suggestions as we prepare together for the Reunion. 

Free will donations towards the reunion can be made into the accounts below: 
Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (Alumni Fellowship of the ECU Ife) 
Naira Account - 0019590511 
USD Account - 0019590542 
GBP Account - 0019590566 
Euro Account - 0019590580 

Thank you. 

In His Service, 

‘Jide Bakare 
ECU Alumni National President


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