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August 1, 2023 - The ECU Alumni Fellowship - AT YOUR WORD

August 1, 2023 The ECU Alumni Fellowship AT YOUR WORD… Dear Brethren, It is the dawn of a New Month! August is here great family of God and we are rest assured that the great promises of light, salvation, deliverance and provision in God’s Word will be our portion this new month in Jesus mighty name. ONLY HIS WORD MAKES SENSE IN THIS CHAOTIC WORLD The events of things across the globe this season has not only left the experts and authorities dazed in a macabre of uncertainties, but with so many begging for answers and solutions. At home here in Nigeria, we have all witnessed how the economic outlook has suddenly taken a twist, leaving so many individuals, families and entities gasping for breath. We are not nonchalant as a body as regards all of these events. Our firm hope and faith has been in the infallibility of the living Word of God as our sure anchor this season. Only His Word makes sense presently. Not the economic outlooks; not the weather reports; not the financial analysis;

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