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This message was originally posted on   Facebook  in the build up to Reunion 2017 When I mentor or teach younger ones, they ask me - how did you learn to know the scripture? Where did you get your core v alues from? Why are you so passionate about service? 32 years ago I gave my life to Christ as a teenager and started fellowshipping at the   Evangelical Christian Union O.A.U. .​ The rest is history. That became my Bible college, School of ministry. I met Life coaches, Mentors and life long friends!   Now is the time to go back HOME this weekend to the famous   Oduduwa Hall,OAU,Ile-Ife. .​ I consider it a great privilege to be the opening speaker at this year's REUNION Conference titled POWER, LOVE and SOUND MIND - Oct 20-22nd,2017 I encourage those who we did it all together - Acts, Explo, Moremi Hall Follow up class, ECU library meetings, Sports Center prayer meetings, village evangelism, squadron meetings - LET'S go Home! You can still re-arrange your schedule - L

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