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November 1, 2023 - The ECU Alumni Fellowship - WE ARE PRESSING FORWARD!

Dear Brethren, Thanksgiving It was such an awesome experience as we gathered during the last Reunion to celebrate the 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of our Great ECU. The breathtaking memories will be forever etched on our beautiful minds. And once again we want to appreciate ALL members of the ECU family for what the Lord has done through your gracious support. Thank you. ECU Reunion 2023 Pictures  - ecureunion2023pix ECU Reunion 2023 Messages  - ecureunion2023messages We are Pressing Forward And as we step into a new month of November after the Reunion, the new Leadership of the ECU Alumni Fellowship will want to reiterate to us all that we are pressing forward on all the lessons and gleanings the Lord instructed us through his anointed ministers. The detailed list of members of the National Leadership of the ECU Alumni Fellowship is contained herein for our attention. President - Jide Bakare Vice President - Fiyin Nathaniel Somoye General Secretar

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