Dear Beloved in Christ,
Do you know every one of 7m humans on earth was born to achieve some potential? How many % of them achieve their potentials? May be 1%. So there are people living like paupers when they should be wealthy billionaires. There are those living in sin though they should be apostles! The cemetery is the wealthiest parts of the earth. Buried in the cemetery are dreams that never became reality. Music that were never written or sung... Companies that never opened… Products that never sold… Proposals that are never written… Abandoned Projects. Aborted Strategies. Dead dreams. Paralyzed Ideas. Frozen visions. 
The cemetery is the wealthiest parts of the earth, and that wealth is unused ability, dormant ability, unused POTENTIAL. The cemetery is filled with potentials because people die not having achieved all they are capable of achieving. The most horrendous tragedy on earth is to die and carry potentials to the grave! I hope you will make a decision to die empty.
The Cemetery could not hold Jesus down. Easter is a period to remember there is a resurrection power which defies the power of the graveyard to hold down potentials. If that power could shatter the hold of the cemetery; if the Saviour could emerge from the graveyard; then it is time for resurrection of dead visions. What is that thing you desired to accomplish for God while on Campus, which is still lying somewhere? What is that instruction you received at the Sport Centre that is still lying dormant? Share and let brethren pray with you.
Pray: I decide to empty my potentials! I refuse to carry my potentials to the grave. My God-given ideas come to life! Ideas that have been buried inside files, inside shelves, inside me- I exhume you now- come alive! Romans8:11 says that the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead is dwelling in me! This is why none of my potentials should be buried. My dreams will no longer suffer abortion. My God-given heritage will not suffer termination! Wake up, …(insert your name). 

(Inspired by Myles Munroe’s message at Shiloh 2004)


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