Gen. 1:26-28 And God said, let us make man in our own image after our likeness, and let them have dominion… And God blessed them…

Indeed so much has been given to us: God had taken time to provide so much before crowning the creation enterprise by blessing the male and female models of the unique specie he created, called man. Man was granted the permission to make use of the resources of nature for his benefit, and to manage, preserve and sustain those resources.

God blessed them! You were there too. You were blessed to detect potentials, to unlock potentials, to bring potentials to fulfillment. Before you were born, you were blessed. There are potentials all around you and the keys to unlock them all have been handed over to you. There are potentials within you and you already have the permission of the Almighty to release them! You are blessed!

To bless means “to release ability,” (barak, eulougue) or “to give permission for ability to be released.” When we talk of blessing, we often thought of it as a passive occurrence of receiving something. No! By blessing you and I, God is demanding from us the ability he has hidden inside of you. God is saying, I have given you so much; “all that pertain to life and godliness” are yours! (II Pet. 1:3) Now it is your turn to release your hidden abilities! Release your potentials!

What potentials have you been hiding? What vision lay dormant? What manuscripts lie in your chambers unpublished? What should you have done with your position of authority that lie undone? It is time to call them forth. Release…  

Pray: I know I have been blessed already. I resolve, instead of asking for more blessing to take a step today towards releasing my hidden potentials. I come forth out from under the bushel. I am a city set on a hill. Lord, help me to unlock hidden talents, in Jesus name.


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