September 1, 2023 - The ECU Alumni Fellowship - God will Prefect ALL that Concerns Us…

September 1, 2023

The ECU Alumni Fellowship

God will Prefect ALL that Concerns Us…

Dear Brethren,

It is the last third of the year. It is Reunion o'clock! And welcome to the 'ber' season!  We believe God will Perfect ALL that concerns us this new month in Jesus mighty name.

The flooring and tiling stage of the ECU Empowerment Center building project is completed!
The installation of all doors (exterior and interior) is completed!
The installation of all sanitary and plumbing wares is ongoing.
It has been stories of God's blessings and faithfulness over the past month. And we specially say a Big Thank You to all treasured members of the ECU Alumni for the unrelenting support and sacrificial giving. Thank you.
Check the picture link for updates (

The next phases of the project we need to mobilise towards now are:
1. The Electrical Works, Fittings and Accessories
2. The External Environment Landscaping, Layout and Gardening
3. The Furnishing and Fittings
4. The Painting
5. Power/Energy Supply, Components and Backup
6. The Installation of Equipment and Sounds
7. Miscellaneous Works

We are determined to finish all the phases of the project by the end of this month, September 2023. It is a declaration of faith and we are still counting on our support, donation and contribution towards making the project completion timeline a reality.

The bank details of the ECU Alumni Project account is shared below for our use.
Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (ECU Empowerment Center)
Naira Account - 0019590535
USD Account - 0019590559
GBP Account - 0019590573
Euros Account - 0019590597

The God of heaven Himself will continue to prosper us as we, His servants, will arise and build – amen.

The Reunion is here!
Three key points to note concerning this Reunion are:
1. A Reunion for All
As we celebrate our Diamond Jubilee and dedicate our new building, the ECU Empowerment Center during this Reunion, we ALL, without any exemption, must be a part of this epoch moment. All things are ready and we all must be present to partake of this meal. The Reunion will also be streamed online on all our digital platforms.

2. A Reunion to Give back
We all recognise the impact of the ECU evangelism works across board. And in addition, we are giving back during this Reunion in terms of socio-economic impact to one of our villages - Abagboro specifically. A project will be commissioned there during this Reunion. We continue to admonish all members to give and support to make this a reality.

3. A Reunion to Celebrate His Faithfulness
And what shall we say for all the Lord has done for us...
We will be taking time to worship and praise our God during this Reunion with Hymns and Songs of all the different generations.
You can't afford to miss this glorious moment.

We therefore appeal to us all to register to attend so we can make adequate plans for all logistics. Find the registration link below.

We will love to hear from you - your contributions, input and suggestions as we arise to build together this season, trusting the God of Heaven himself to prosper us – amen.

In His Service,

'Jide Bakare

The National President, ECU Alumni Fellowship


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