November 1, 2023 - The ECU Alumni Fellowship - WE ARE PRESSING FORWARD!

Dear Brethren,

It was such an awesome experience as we gathered during the last Reunion to celebrate the 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of our Great ECU. The breathtaking memories will be forever etched on our beautiful minds. And once again we want to appreciate ALL members of the ECU family for what the Lord has done through your gracious support. Thank you.

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We are Pressing Forward
And as we step into a new month of November after the Reunion, the new Leadership of the ECU Alumni Fellowship will want to reiterate to us all that we are pressing forward on all the lessons and gleanings the Lord instructed us through his anointed ministers. The detailed list of members of the National Leadership of the ECU Alumni Fellowship is contained herein for our attention.

  • President - Jide Bakare
  • Vice President - Fiyin Nathaniel Somoye
  • General Secretary - Oluwaseun Osiname
  • Asst. General Secretary - Mide Olubi
  • Public Relations Officer - Toyin Alihu
  • Asst. Public Relations Officer - Gbemisola Dawn Fache
  • Financial secretary  - Oluwabunmi Fafiyebi
  • Treasurer - Bamike Fadipe
  • Welfare Officer - Temilolu Odunaike
  • Reunion Coordinator - Bunmi Olasehinde
  • Assistant Reunion Coordinator - Ajuasegunlo Olusola Akintujoye
  • Ex-Officio 1 - Austin Awulonu
  • Ex-Officio 2 - Akin Ogunoiki
  • Lagos State Chapter Coordinator - Oluseyi Alagbe
  • Osun State Chapter Coordinator - Idowu Okuneye
  • Ogun State Chapter Coordinator - Oluwafemi Ajileye
  • Oyo State Chapter Coordinator - Peniela Eniayo Akintujoye
  • UK Chapter Coordinator - Ayodeji Adebamowo
  • 1970-1979 Generational Group Coordinator - Daddy Fijabi Abiodun
  • 1980-1989 Generational Group Coordinator - Daddy Niyi Egbe
  • 1990-1999 Generational Group Coordinator - Adebambo Olusoga
  • 2000-2009 Generational Group Coordinator - Okeoghene Obrifor
  • 2010-2019 Generational Group Coordinator - Abayomi Olaofe
- We will be strategically mapping out tactics to go into all the nations and mountains of influence to teach and disciple them for our God and His Kingdom.

- We will be reaching inward amongst all our members and across generations to strengthen the weak hands and make firm feeble knees in order to make ready a mighty army for the Lord.

- We will be working closely with the Home Fellowship on campus to build stones and pillars in strategic places, in order to make predictable progress for the journey ahead.

- And we will be extending the frontiers of our chapters, generational groups and special units to organically grow our membership drive and shared prosperity by developing socio-economic opportunities/platforms, creative and enriching content that will inspire networking, bonding, communication, sharing and engagement across board.

It was a great sight for all present at the Reunion to finally see the Empowerment Centre building. God indeed has been faithful and we cannot stop saying a big thank you to all our members for your unrelenting support and contribution.

The painting works on the building started last week and the landscaping/gardening work is also continuing. Check the link below for update pictures

The next phases of the project we need to mobilise towards now are:
  1. Complete the External Environment Landscaping, Layout and Gardening
  2. Complete the Painting Works
  3. The Furnishing and Fittings
  4. Power/Energy Supply, Components and Backup
  5. The Installation of Equipment and Sounds
  6. Miscellaneous Works
And we are still counting on our support, donation and contribution towards completing these last phases of works on the building which will cost about 82million Naira.

The bank details of the ECU Alumni Project account are shared below for our use:

Guarantee Trust Bank PLC (ECU Alumni Projects)
Naira Account - 0019590535
USD Account - 0019590559
GBP Account - 0019590573
Euros Account - 0019590597

The God of heaven Himself will continue to prosper us as we His servants will arise and build – amen.

In Conclusion
As emphasized during the Reunion, our Alumni Fellowship is only as strong, effective and powerful as the members who participate in its operations and activities. And we can best do this by being Informed, Involved and Active. We will love to hear from you - your contributions, input and suggestions as we arise to build together this season, trusting the God of Heaven himself to prosper us – amen.

In His Service,
‘Jide Bakare
The National President, ECU Alumni Fellowship


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