Reunion 2013 Reminiscences

Reminiscences of the ECU Reunion and 50th Anniversary Celebrations –Barine Gbosi

“I feel so thrilled and blessed to be able to write you again after the very successful Reunion we just concluded in Ife. It was a very warm atmosphere and refreshing fellowship. Let me try and capture a few highlights for you. I shall request upfront that those who were there please jump in to provide thoughts and insights and fill whatever gaps I leave  to make this "report" richer and more robust so that those who could not make it will share in some measure what we enjoyed last weekend.
First, the crusade. Each of the three nights was a battle!! It was obvious that the devil has not   given up in or on Ife and was bent on preventing people from accepting Christ and being healed and delivered! I am told that on the first night, the electric power, (aka light!), went off as soon as the altar call was made! On the second night, rain poured out of a practically clear sky just    after the altar call was made. On the third night - and this one was "before my koro koro eyes" - the rain started as soon as the minister came up to start giving the word!! But I am glad to report that, like in the days of old, some of us stood out there under the rain and petitioned the God Who made the rain. We prayed and the servant of God made a declaration! And our faithful Father answered!! The rain stopped and the crusade held successfully!! Blessed be God. Many thanks to Bro Abu Alasa for his leadership role and input in organising this crusade. I missed him though, as he left after or on the second day of the crusade.

The Reunion proper started on Friday evening and we had good and refreshing music, enriching messages and sweet fellowship. On that first night Sisters Remi Sonaiya, (nee Fawole), and Vic. Udo, (nee Udofia), teamed up with Bro. Ekpe to lead us in some beautiful song renditions that   really stirred the souls of those present. Earlier in the day, we had made a courtesy call on the  Vice Chancellor where we learnt that right now, all the principal officers of the university are    born-again Christians!! The DVC, (Admin. I think), is our own brother Mike Ajayi!! Our own Sister Bola Omole, wife of the VC, Bro. Tale Omole, made us feel very welcome and comfortable. She spoilt us with hospitality! Good old Bro Ladi (Osasona) was fully on ground to make sure that everything ran very well. God bless OAU and all our dear brethren there!! Sincere thanks to the resident brethren for all they did to make the Reunion successful and our stay beautiful. 

We had the Friday evening meeting at which Bro. Bode Akindele spoke and reminded us that it was by God's mercy and faithfulness that we are still keeping on. On Saturday morning, Bro Peter Olonode reminded us to return to our roots - spending time in the presence of God and receiving guidance and direction from Him. The afternoon saw a strategy session led by a panel of four that was headed by Bro Bunmi Oni and included Sis Cordelia Osasona. Thereafter, elections into the new Exco were "INECed" by Bro Steve Olumuyiwa and me. (Very sincere thanks to Bro Sola Olayanju and Bayo Olotu, out-gone President and VP and their team, for the fantastic job they have done to date in steering the affairs of this fellowship). The new President is Ayo Adedeji and the VP is Samson Adekunle, chosen by the traditional "ECU CHOICE" method! The banquet in the evening saw the launching of "Man Overboard", the film produced by the ex-Drama group team and the cutting of the 50th anniversary cake - and of course a sumptuous meal, courtesy the First Lady of OAU. 

Earlier in the day, the book chronicling the history of the ECU titled "Through the Ages" had been presented. Sunday morning wrapped up with a renewal of our 'accident free, sudden death free insurance" and covenant in a session led by Bro Steve Olumuyiwa….”


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