ECU Empowerment Centre Updates

June 2019


It is with heartfelt joy that I greet you this second half of the year. God who brought you this far will certainly not abandon you. No matter what, please keep hope alive. He is with you, for you and in you! You are the unbeatable team. Those dreams and visions shall yet come to pass. Faithfully pursue them. Indeed our God is faithful.

To His glory and by His enablement we were able to bring Phase 2 of the E.C.U. Empowerment Center project to a close on Easter Monday. The casting of the gallery has been completed. With the taking down of the framework, we are set to commence Phase 3 in earnest! This phase includes raising the upper walls and roofing. It is estimated  to cost is 25 million naira.

We are not relenting. Having set our hands on the plough, we are of them that believe unto the saving of our souls, not of them that draw back unto perdition. Brethren, as Reunion approaches, let us redouble our efforts to see the project through. Let us not be weary in this good work. Let us stretch and sacrifice, till and sow, until E.C.U Empowerment Center is fully functional on O.A.U campus to the glory of our God. The end is nearer now than when we set out.

Cumulatively Phases 1 & 2 cost a total of 17.5 million while we have received a little over 18 million so far. Special thanks goes to our dear sister, Prof. (Mrs.) Osasona for her prudence, dedication and sacrifice. Indeed heaven will reward you ma.

My dear Brother and Sister, clearly there is no way we could have come this far without your giving, prayers and sundry support. On behalf of the Alumni Executive and the Home Fellowship, I thank you once, twice and a million times. Of a truth it is to the Lord you have given and our God who owes no man shall definitely reward this your labor of love in Jesus name.

With the little resources left we are already marching ahead into Phase 3 trusting that our God who brought us this far will not abandon us. Dearly beloved, I urge you to give and give again. As you give and give again, tell every alumnus in your circle about the E.C.U. Empowerment Center project.  The project account remains: E.C.U. Alumni Projects, 0019590535, GTBank. Also tell them about Reunion 2019 and plan to attend. Date is October 18th – 20th. Mark your calendar. Book your flight. It promises to be a reunion like no other.

HE will prosper us!

Your brother,
Austin Awulonu

Nov 2018

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ our soon coming King. We thank God who through all experiences has kept us in these testy days. His grace will continue to be sufficient for us in all areas in Jesus name.

Building Update

On behalf of the Exco, I write to, first, thank and thank you again for standing up to be counted in our efforts to raise a home base for E.C.U. Fellowship on the beautiful campus of Great Ife. I am glad to inform you that Phase 1 of the E.C.U. Empowerment Centre project has been completed.

Whereas we did not deliver it on time, we delivered it well within budget thanks to the astute management and oversight of our dear sister, Prof. Mrs. Osasona. She indeed has been an uncommon blessing in this season of building. Whereas this phase of the work was estimated to cost 10 million 
naira, a total of 12.4 million was raised between October 2017 and October 2018 for it.
Total expenses on this phase of the project came to about 8.5 million.

Next line of action

We are not resting on our oars. Work has since commenced on Phase 2. As funds come in, we simply plow them into the project so that work does not stop. Having put our hands on the plough, we are not looking back till E.C.U. Empowerment Centre stands, fully functional, to the glory of God in Great Ife. Thank you for making it happen. Just as you made the burden light by supporting the vision through your contributions to the success of Phase 1, I earnestly implore you to stretch that bit more to contribute even more to the realization of Phase 2 which is estimated to cost another 10 Million naira.

Our God, who owes no man, will reward you in measures commensurate to His divine abilities in Jesus’ name. As you give, help mobilize other E.C.U. brethren in your circle.  Fact is only about seventy (70) brothers and sisters actively contributed to the funding of Phase 1! The more people we are able to bring into the funding of the project, the faster we can finish the building knowing full well that whether by many or by a few, our God is able to deliver. The detailed expense account of the project shall be presented at the reunion.


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